Ryan Glover Ryan is a First Class (BA Hons) Graduate from the University of Southampton Solent. He has experience in attending meetings with major labels, sync and publishing companies including Universal Music, Big Sync, Kobalt, Fiction. He accompanies managed producers / artists to high level A&R meetings and represents signed artists including Shaun Escoffery to day time tv programs and liaises with production companies promotional teams and record labels. Ryan has gained valuable knowledge on music production and songwriting working alongside DM Productions, Giles Stanley Management and RGM, this includes being a part of the development process for signed and unsigned acts and co-written for (X-Factors) Tribe, Andy Jordan, Christian MJC and signed Shaun Escoffery. Ryan has a true passion for music, business and management, accompanied with a motivated, approachable and creative personality, Ryan has built a solid foundation for himself as a professional and is confident when experiencing new challenges to further his career.