Ryan Glover

Dream Killer

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Ryan G-Lover is a Music Producer|Singer|Songwriter|Tutor from Dorset.
He’s independently gained over 160,000 views on YouTube and sold over 2000 plus records. Ryan has received minor success on Channel AKA, BBC Introducing and to top it off Ryan was featured on ITV2’s Magaluf Weekender.

Ryan was born in 1990 in Southampton Hospital’s Special Care Unit weighing less than a bag of sugar. He was 3 months premature, and was fighting to survive from the day he was born. He was a twin, but unfortunately in the process of giving birth, his brother Benjamin was lost.

Ryan grew up in Blandford Forum, Dorset. Teachers at Pimperne First School told his parents they were hopeful that one day Ryan might reach a point when he could read a newspaper! Ryan was not academic at all, but from very young age was passionate about music. His father was a well-established DJ in Bournemouth Town Centre, and there was always loud music at home which must have had some effect.

At Blandford School Ryan chose to study Music Technology and Media Studies. He didn’t know much about the subjects but really enjoyed the “hands on” aspect of things; particularly the photography and filming. Ryan went on to secure a B-TEC Art and Design Diploma as well as continuing to study music by taking A Level Music Technology.

Much time was spent in the music studio as possible and this is where Ryan’s love and passion for music really hit home. Working with powerful production tools such as Cubase, Music technology was the one subject Ryan really enjoyed because it involved the creation of music and learning about the industry.

Ryan decided to take a break from education, and soon discovered what he wanted to pursue in life. With his savings he bought himself some music equipment and software, and started creating music in his bedroom through a midi keyboard and a USB microphone. He created 2 albums, and then promoted them on MySpace and YouTube. Ryan even produced a couple of music videos! He was doing what he knew he wanted to do.

Ryan also focused on networking and sending emails to R&B music producers, and came across a producer called Darren Martyn. Darren is a singer, songwriter, producer and CEO of London based production label DMP Ltd and has penned some breaking records for various artists such as Sadie Ama “Falling” , Fugative “Summer Time” , Kayne “Without You” , and Olly B “Lost Thoughts” to name a few. Darren’s output was constantly featured on Sky music Channel AKA so Ryan decided to throw an email to Darren explaining who he was, not thinking for one second that there would be a reply. Yet there was, and within 2 weeks Ryan was in the studio in London creating his debut single called “Simple”. This was soon followed by a video shoot with John Hendricks (Dirty Media) Simple reached number 13 in the Official Urban Charts.

Then in 2011 went on to release his second single This Time directed by Mark Potter:

Ryan then went on to release his 3rd single “Change” Ryan decided to change the way he approached this track vocal by singing. This has been a great successes for Ryan as many doors have now opened for him to be able to collaborate with some great talent by singing on hooks.

Darren says “Ryan is a pleasure to work with and is developing by the minute. Probably one of the most dedicated artists I have come across.

So Ryan’s dream is progressing at full speed. A young lad from a small Dorset Market Town is doing what he loves to do, and is without doubt making waves in the music industry. He is totally dedicated, and is making sure that the music he creates is of the highest standard.

It all goes to prove dreams can come true when you are committed, and music is the only addiction!